martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Cohen en Vigo

Só a noite é o paraíso: dormen os homes।
Os soños abren las xanelas
e lámbense as feridas nas praias e nas beiras
dos ríos.
Os soños cantan coa gorxa xeada.
Como esclavos, fan tocar os tambores.

Manuel Rivas

(Solo la noche es el paraíso: duermen los hombres.
Los sueños abren las ventanas
y se lamen las heridas en las playas y en las orillas
de los ríos.
Los sueños cantan con la garganta helada.
Como esclavos, hacen sonar los tambores।)

Auditorio Do Parque de Castrellos


Who in the night time

Lift me like an olive branch

I've seen the nations rise and fall

Like a drunk in a midnight choir

I've been waiting night and day

I didn't see the time must have hurt your pride

Hank Williams hasn't answered yet

I cheat and I lie. I do what I have to do. To get by

I’d die for the truth in My Secret Life

Javier Mas playing archilaud (intro to Who By Fire)

Neil Larsen on keyboards

Dino Soldo playing clarinet behind the shadow of Mr. Mas

Bob Metzger on the electric guitar

Hattie & Sharon

Charley, Hattie & Sharon

Hattie Webb

Rafael Gayol on the drum and percussions

...a man never got a woman back

I' ll disappear for you

So long... everybody